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Planning and Development Services

Planning & Development Services works with the community to shape our future, from neighborhoods to commercial centers and beyond. Our key functions are long-range and current planning, building plan review and inspections, and code enforcement.

Adjusted Hours for Permit Services

Our permit services representatives have adjusted hours on Wednesday mornings for in-person service.

New Hours:

  • Walk-in service hours: 1 - 5 p.m.
  • Cashiering service hours: 1 - 4 p.m.

Property Information

This online request allows users to enter an address or parcel number to:

  • Request setbacks, allowed land uses, sign information and flood hazard determination
  • Find zoning and district standards information related to a property
  • View history of permits, and other property records
  • View interactive map to identify parcel boundaries, easements and other data

View & Request Property Information

Instructional Video:

Development Process & Services

Our goal is to make Scottsdale’s development process helpful, speedy and smooth. Select a tile below for resources and information that apply to your project.


Online Service Center

Online applications that allow users to retrieve information, schedule appointment and conduct business with the City.


The Planning and Development Services Records Department retains records of the City related to building and planning in accordance to the State-approved records retention as set forth in ARS §41.151.12.

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One Stop Shop

Scottsdale’s One Stop Shop helps those who live or do business in Scottsdale find what they need in the most efficient, time-saving manner. Information on development processes, including case submittals, plan submittals, permits, and development records are accessible in one location.

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Development Process

Step 1

Pre-Application, Case Submittal & Entitlement

Commercial and multi-family residential development proposals begin with a pre-application submittal, which determines your review process. Once you’ve identified your process, you can submit a formal application, which may include a public hearing process to determine your property’s development entitlements.

Step 2

Plan Submittal & Review

The purpose of plan review is to determine that the proposed construction complies with the City of Scottsdale adopted codes and ordinances.

Step 3


Once plans have been reviewed and comply with city codes and ordinances, permits may be issued. Permits authorize construction work and allow inspections.

Step 4


Construction requiring a permit is subject to inspection to determine work is being done in accordance with approved plans and city codes and ordinances. The work to be inspected must remain accessible and exposed for inspection until approved. Requests for inspections must be made at least one day in advance.

Planning Services

Planning Services help guide the development of the City by planning the current and future physical, economic, and social aspects of the city-all while protecting our historic resources and minimizing environmental impact. Working in conjunction with the community, appointed officials, and City Council, the work groups and programs below guide the public policy and programming that considers Scottsdale’s past, present and future.

Long Range Planning

Long Range Planning pro-actively develops and implements Scottsdale’s long-term vision, values, and goals to help guide the physical, economic and social aspects of the city.

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Historic Preservation

The Scottsdale Historic Preservation Officer administers the Historic Residential Exterior Rehabilitation Program for homeowners living in historic districts, and provides educational materials to homeowners and interested citizens to heighten public awareness and appreciation of the community's historic resources.

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Green Building Program

The Green Building Program encourages a whole-systems approach through design and building techniques to minimize environmental impact and reduce the energy consumption of buildings while contributing to the health of its occupants.

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Environmental Initiatives & Compliance

The Office of Environmental Initiatives (OEI) provides a range of environmental services for the Scottsdale citizens. The office acts as a resource for Environmental Regulatory Compliance, supports the City’s Green Building Programs, and provides a wide range of Environmental Sustainability resources to the community and City staff.

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Upcoming Planning & Development Meetings